Cold Call Therapy

Cold Call Therapy eProgram

FOUR Easy Steps to Completely Dissolve Call Resistance for 

Sales Call Success    

Do you HATE Cold Calling? You'll love this!


You can eliminate thoughts and emotions that sabotage your success.  

A Solution to Dissolve Call Reluctance.

Call Reluctance is real. It’s painful and crippling.

If cold calling is part of your life, relax.

The secret component is how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques, (EFT). 

Think of EFT as Emotional Acupuncture.


    What's Included?

•   4 steps to success with EFT

•   Clear, easy instructions 

•   How to do it long term results

•   Demonstration video

•   How to evaluate your progress

•   much more...   

Why am I so passionate about helping people conquer cold calling?

It's so they can enjoy:

•  Unlimited success in their sales career

•  Better relationships

•  Freedom from outdated, haunting memories!

•  Freedom from miserable past emotions that sabotages behaviors today

•  Building the life of their dreams!

The process is fast and easy. Every person is unique and each sequence can be tailored to your needs. 

Experience almost immediate results!    

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Time is of the essence. Be happy. Be successful. Get on the phone!

I purposely priced this program so anyone can buy your thinking shifts and blocks are dissolved, the possibilities for yourself and others is limitless. Buy This Book - Change Your Life!

PS. Psychologists the world over now incorporate EFT with their patients and EFT is being taught to grade school kids! The families of children killed in the Sandy Hook shootings have used EFT to deal with the trauma & heal with amazing results. This last year I completed a Master Practitioner program in EFT.


Does Cold Calling Make You Miserable? Relax. Today, there's Complete Relief.

Does Cold Calling Make You Miserable? Relax. Today, there's Complete Relief.

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