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"Short and sweet. Great information. Great results! Highly recommended."  

                                                                                     Paul T., Toronto, CA

Shocked by her results!

"The day I read your book I started tapping as outlined. I could not believe how flooded with emotion I became once I began. Over and over I tapped, affirmed, and released. It was exhausting! The next day I was nervous when I sat down to call. I felt 'cleansed'. I now could care less who I call and within a week made more calls than I had ever made in any single week in the two years I've been in sales. I was a skeptic and now I tell everyone I know to try EFT. It's turned my sales career around and given me more personal satisfaction than you'll ever know. Thank you!"       Jane S., Colorado

New to Sales

"I'm in my first job out of college and because I'm outgoing and personable I thought sales would be a no-brainer. Turns out I have 'issues' because cold calling was a nightmare for me. I bought your book and it worked. I needed this!"       Ashley R., Atlanta, GA

My wife bought me a copy

"I read your book three weeks ago and waited a week before I tried 'the tapping'. It was uncomfortable to do the tapping and I felt like it was going to be a waste of time, but my wife was sick of me complaining about my job. I sell websites, seo, and social media services, etc. for a small company in St. Louis. The bottom line is my cold calling for new customers was non-existent and I felt bad enough to quit my job. When you're desperate you'll take any shot in the dark I guess. Bottom line, your book worked. I made two sales last week and don't spend time avoiding calling any more. I was an expert avoider, time waster, whatever, and now it's a non-issue. I'm a believer."                                                                                                          Terri V., MO

Cold Call therapy eProgram tailors the EFT protocol to Erase Call Reluctance for good!

Cold Call therapy eProgram tailors the EFT protocol to Erase Call Reluctance for good!

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