Do You want to be a HeadHunter?

How Hard can it be?

The Reluctant Sales Person

Top Recruiters excel because of their skills, methods, knowledge and talents. If you're ready to earn $135k (average wage of contingency recruiters per US Gov't stats)  to over $500k as a Recruiter I'm here to say ... You need training.

My Story

When I set out to be a Recruiter I was a newly divorced, single Mom who had just moved from Chicago to Colorado to start over. I met a Top Recruiter who had owned a 30 person recruiting firm in Denver. When his partner died, he downsized to an office in Boulder.

I paid him $5000 to teach me to recruit, quickly. I opened an office across the hall from my mentor and MADE A PLACEMENT MY FIRSET WEEK simply by following the process he outlined.

His guidance was worth every penny. I wrote down what he told me and referred to my notes often. Over the years I added techniques and strategies that worked. In the early weeks I needed daily advice and guidance. I followed his instructions to the letter. 


'Winging It' Will KILL Your Production

Consider Recruiter Training to Save Time and Build Confidence in Your Craft 


You Can DO THIS!

I'm still a shy introvert however I'm comfortable talking with people one-on-one. With practice and my SECRET MIND JEDI'll be successful too!


Top Recruiter Secrets eProgram

The emotional and financial rewards in recruiting are huge. We truly help people improve their lives while helping companies succeed. You can feel proud of yourself for making a positive contribution to our world.

As you experience desired results from our system, you'll be motivated to keep learning. Learning how to become a Headhunter was a scary and risky transition for me. It will be easier for you with Top Recruiter Secrets.


Is The Industry Saturated?

Hec NO! When I started Recruiting in the '90's Recruiting was a 2 Billion dollar industry. By 2000, it was 80 Billion and today it's about 160 BILLION dollar industry. 


Good Recruiters Are Forced Out Everyday...

because they failed to get proper training. 

Why am I so Passionate About Training Recruiters? Because LACK OF TRAINING is one of the industry's weak spots. Newbies fail when they don't earn the commissions needed to survive. And THAT makes me mad since I was once a Newbie. "Sit down and dial" is not training...and why recruiters sometimes get a bad rapp.


YOU Deserve Extraordinary Skills

Here's What's Included in Top Recruiter Secrets:

  • Scripts - What to do and What to Say
  • Complete Recruiting Process - Step-by-Step Guidance to Operate Successfully on Day 1.
  • Proven Methods to Gain Trust 
  • Strategies to Expedite Placements
  • Sample Contracts - With the Exact Process to Close Employer Clients & Candidates
  •  Sample Marketing Materials
  • The KEY to Creating the EXACT Income You Desire.
  • and More... Great Bonus', with your purchase you'll receive Cold Call Therapy eProgram and "Let's Talk" 10 Powerful Communication Skillls. 

We're ready to put it in your hands now

Peace with Purpose

Your competitive advantage is this: In no other profession I can think of can one be up running and profitable within weeks. Truly.

We Take the MYSTERY Out of Recruiting with our Step-by-Step Process

You'll have the principles, strategies, and wording to feel and operate like a Pro right away.

Do You Want to Know?....

  • The most effective way to get a new search assignment within hours?
  • How to develop relationships with employer clients?
  • How to instantly establish your credibility and authority as a Pro even in your first few calls!
  • Peace of Mind You're operating like an ethical, top performer on Day 1. (This one is so important to your reputation).

Top Recruiter Secrets eProgram
Only $97. Buy Now - click on image BELOW to add to cart.

Top Recruiter Secrets eProgram Only $97. Buy Now - click on image BELOW to add to cart.

It's All About Value

Is This Right for Me?

We've kept the program price low compared to the remarkable value delivered just in case Recruiting is not the profession for you. For a small investment you can try on a new career or take your Recruiting efforts to greater profits.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You have 30 days to review the program. If for any reason you're not completely happy with the can ask for a full refund. No questions asked.

Testimonial from a Pro

Dan from the east coast 

Buy It Now - No Risk Involved

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Do I Need Coaching?

You Decide. With my Full Throttle Coaching package you'll receive Top Recruiter Secrets, Cold Call Therapy  &

 the Let's Talk program.

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